Welcome to Fall Piano 2016

Happy Fall to all! Today is the first day of school for most students. We all remember those days filled with excitement and sometimes nervousness.  I hope everyone is looking forward to their situation at school this year.

This year we are going to see a few minor changes in lessons–really a resumption of programs that I let lapse in the past few years.

1. Each student will keep a practice time sheet. This can be in tablet form or a calendar or whatever floats your boat. But I expect everyone to keep track of what they practiced, how much they practiced, and when they practiced. By tracking what works and what doesn’t, we can develop a more successful routine. This time sheet should begin with September. We’re here now! Write it down!

2. The Student of the Month program will resume, culminating in the Student of the Year to be named in May.

3. We will emphasize sight reading and technique at each lesson, at every level.

4. Balance. Life is about balance. Homework, school activities and sports, religious activities, and music. A few minutes of each lesson will be used to talk about balance in music and goals.

It is my hope that every student feels better about himself/herself when he or she walks out the door after lessons. Music adds so much joy to our lives, and it is my goal to help each one find how to make music joyous everyday.

Thank you for supporting your student. I look forward to working with everyone.

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