Holiday Time has arrived!

Believe it or not, it’s December already!  I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

I will be emailing an article from the New York Times to each of you.  Published October 12, the article by Joanne Lipman is titled Is Music the Key to Success? The article states that multiple studies link music study to academic achievement, and that music education also correlates to success in other areas.  Although this is not necessarily new information, it’s yet another reason why the benefits outweigh the expense and (sometimes) inconvenience of lessons.  And remember its not too late for adults to join the party.

Congratulations to students who are participating in holiday plays, ballets and other events.  Elizabeth Allegro performs the role of Clara in the Nutcracker this week, and Gabby Gellys was a fantastic (and scary) Miss Hannagan in Annie a few weeks ago.  If you have an upcoming performance, let me know.  I love to come out and support my kids!

The lesson schedule link on the right is up to date as of Dec. 1st.

Lessons will continue as usual until December 20th, when we will adjourn for the Holidays.  Lessons resume when school starts again in January.

There will be no holiday recital this year, but we will still be playing Christmas music throughout the month of December.  Have a great month!

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