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If you are on Facebook, please like my page, Hudson Valley Piano. I am posting different information on Facebook than I am here on the website. Also, please feel free to make comments on either the website or the Facebook page. Join in the discussion! Just search for Hudson Valley Piano on Facebook to find me. Thanks!

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Welcome to Fall Lessons

Welcome back to piano lessons! September is a great time around here. Most students are ready to get back to school, to piano, to routine, and I’m sure that parents are equally ready to get back to more structure. You will notice that the link on the right side of this page has been updated with this fall’s schedule. As always, it’s not set in stone, so if you need to make a change, give me a call.

This spring I said goodbye to two great students. Corinne moved to Utah, and Ariana moved to Virginia. I hope they are enjoying their new homes and are still playing piano. I heard that Corinne starts lessons next week. I will miss them both.

Congratulations to Allie Hendricks and Mackenzie Thompson for each taking Level 6 solos to NYSSMA last spring. They both posted very high scores. Mackenzie had the added challenge of playing her Mozart Sonata with a broken finger. We modified the fingering for her, and by golly she really stepped up. Also, Allie will be participating in the competitive category of the HCMTA Music Festival this November.

We did not have a recital in the spring, but we will have a recital on Monday, October 5. This makes only a few weeks of preparation, but we can do it!

A few business items: I am using a new billing system, and I’m having a few issues with Windows 10 that should be resolved today or tomorrow. As most of you already know, I generally bill in September for lessons in July and August. Please be patient–the invoices are ready, but haven’t been emailed yet due to those issues. Please pay from the Amount Due field on the left side of the invoice. If you still owe for lessons last spring, please take care of that balance before fall lessons begin. Thanks!

September lesson schedule: Just a reminder–when a National Holiday is observed on a Monday, there generally are no lessons that day. Actually, there are no lessons on any National Holidays. Check with me on availability of make-up lessons.

There will be no lessons from Wednesday, September 23-Tuesday, September 29, inclusively. I am going out west for two great events. My mother is turning 90 on the 25th, and I am celebrating 50 (yes, 50!) years of teaching piano with a piano recital in a beautiful setting overlooking the Grand Tetons. After that week, lessons should continue uninterrupted for the fall term.

Happy practicing!

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