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Is it ever too late to learn to play piano?

Randy at recital1.jpg  This is my husband at the Christmas Recital in December. He started lessons in April of last year. A few years ago he started lessons, and life got in the way, as it tends to do, and now he is playing in earnest. His picture is a reminder that anyone can begin learning a new skill at anytime, in fact, it’s good for our brains to learn new and technical things. Learning to read music is complicated–not too complicated–just enough. The old wives tale that we only use 10 percent of our brains at one time is just that–an old wives tale. Reading music requires mental awareness, math skills, pattern recognition, concentration, and physical prowess. Small muscle control is essential, as is the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. Learning to read music is like learning a new language. Once we learn, we don’t really forget. My main focus on teaching is to give each student the tools he or she needs to read and play music for pleasure, stress relief (don’t we all need that?) and enjoyment. The possibilities are limitless.

In other news, congratulations to Kyle and Mackenzie for participating in the middle school talent show a few weeks ago. Kyle was the MC and Mackenzie did a smashing job of accompanying. Congratulations are also in order for Corinne Tousley, Sarah Hendricks, and Allie Hendricks for serving as organists for the congregation we attend while I’ve been out for wrist surgery. Great job!

Welcome new students Ariana Schuck, and Emma and Miles Brondum.

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