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Welcome Back

Welcome back to piano study.  The Fall 2013 schedule begins September 1st.  Since this is the first week of school, many of you are busy setting your own busy schedules and getting school supplies.  I will be available for lessons this week, however, so if you plan to come, please send me a text (845-649-8516) or email or call.  I am anxious to begin lessons once again.

The 2013 schedule link on the right is current as of today.  If your name is not on it, please contact me.

The Virtual Recital CD which was recorded in June has been edited and is in the process of being reproduced.  I’m proud of the work the students did on it.  Interestingly, they were nearly all more nervous recording than playing in the recital.  There’s something about mistakes being captured for replay that intimidated everyone.  No one was more nervous than I.  There’s a reason why I only do this every few years!

This year I have taken on an additional role as Chairperson of the Hudson-Catskill Music Teachers Association.  I encourage students to participate in at least one of the opportunities the HCMTA offers–community recitals, festival, or recitals.  I’ll have more information on each activity as the year progresses.

Lessons will continue uninteruppted September 3-30.   The emphasis in September will be on developing better practice strategies and technique.

Please don’t hesitate to call 845-496-4247 or 845-649-8615 will any concerns or comments.

Or you can email me at

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The Virtual Recital in Preview


Please click on the above link for a taste of the Virtual Recital.  Thanks, Sarah.

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