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March Music Madness

March has arrived, along with the Redwinged Blackbirds in the wetland, (and an eagle in the twisted old tree), so take heart; spring arrives soon.

Most of you have been less than diligent in visiting the website.  PLEASE take advantage of this extra instruction that I offer.  Play the games, challenge yourself, and have fun while you do it.  If you have forgotten your user id or password, send me an email and I’ll remind you.  I want to keep offering this learning site to everyone, but we need to be using it.  Maybe you can make it part of your homework routine.

A few items of note in March:  March 17 is a community recital at Elant Goshen, at 2:30 p.m.  If you want to play at this, please let me know ASAP.  This is a great opportunity for public performance and the old folks really love to hear the students play.

The studio festival scheduled for March 23rd is cancelled.

Many students are already working on pieces for the Virtual Recital.  Recording for this will be done in late May, early June.  We will also have the scheduled spring recital on June 17th.

Spring Break is March 25-29.  There will be no lessons during Spring Break.

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