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Spring Housekeeping, and What to Expect in the Fall.

Today is the longest day of the year.  I hope you are all celebrating summer’s return.  Some of you are taking the entire summer off piano.  If you have not contacted me concerning your schedule for the summer, please let me know what your plans are.  Recently my plans have changed.  I will now be taking off July 1-15.  There are NO lessons July 1-15 for those students who are coming in the summer.

Fall lessons for everyone begin September 10.  As a reminder, please check the fall schedule posted under “links” on this page.  I try to update it each time a change is made.  EVERYONE needs to confirm their appointment.  Though it appears that I have many openings, I have more students than I have times listed, so be aware that the early bird gets the worm, so to speak.  Get your dibs in now for the best times!  Once again, this is a year where many students’ schedules are changing and in the fall we may have to tweak the schedule a little, but the sooner you act, the better.  On Sept. 1 I will be releasing openings to those on my waiting list.

Here are some calendar items to be aware of for the coming year:

Additional opportunities for students include HCMTA-sponsored Studio Theme Recitals Jan. 27, and Community Service Recitals Mar. 17

Piano Explorer will again be a part of our study.

As I mentioned at the Spring Recital, we may do another Virtual Recital in lieu of the Spring Recital in 2013.

Please feel free to call me anytime with questions 845-496-4247 or 845-649-8516.  Or email me, or make a comment on this post.

Have a happy summer!

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June Recital and Summer Notes

JUne 4, 2012 .jpg  Some of the students in the studio participated in the Spring Recital held June 4, 2012.  I apologize to those students whose faces I failed to capture in this photo. These kids look happy–do you suppose it’s because they love their music? I was very pleased with their performances. Everyone seemed to have a great time playing everything from Beatles to Bach. A few students deserve special recognition this year:

During the fall I would like to see many more particpate in the HCMTA Festival Auditions, which will be held Nov. 9 and 10th at SUNY New Paltz. I’ll be sending out an email with a calendar for next school year’s events, and hopefully each student will be one, two, or more in which to particpate. Of course we will be doing the annual Christmas Studio Recital in December in addition to HCMTA events.  Next fall we will return to the MTNA Achievement Program after a few years away.  We will also have a Studio Festival.  Dates all TBA.

A few of you have asked about the Music Learning Community website’s availability in the summer. Yes! by all means, play the games over the summer. Your participation in my studio includes a membership in that community, so as long as you are taking lessons from me, you are able to participate. I will be checking everyone’s progress from time to time, so don’t be surprised if you get an email from me with an assignment or encouraging words over the summer.

Lessons are continuing over the summer for those students who are interested. I encourage everyone to keep playing over the summer, and though most will take some time off, consistency in practice will ensure that your progress made this year will continue uninterrupted. I will be unavailable for lessons July 5-23rd.

Happy June!

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