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November First

beisel halloweenweb.jpg  These kids took a break from practicing to go trick-or-treating.  (Actually, they are Noah and Claire, my grandchildren.)  Now that Halloween is over and the sugar highs are on the way down, it’s time to begin preparations for the Christmas Recital, which will be Dec. 19th.  Please bring whatever holiday music you have, or have played in the past, to lessons this week. Everyone will have something new to play this year, and we need to do an inventory.

Nov. 11 and 12 are audition days for the HCMTA Festival at SUNY New Paltz.  Two students are participating this year.  Good luck to them as they prepare for their auditions.  Next year I would like to have many more students participate on both the competitive and evaluative programs.  Because the event is the first part of November, we need to begin preparing during the spring/summer–something to keep in mind.

I hope everyone had minimal impact from the Halloween storm.  I know many of you have been without power for several days.  Also, thank you for your patience when I cancelled lessons for a week’s visit in San Diego.  The new granddaughter, Sadie Jane, is as cute as Claire.  (I might be a little biased, though.)

Lessons will continue uninterrupted until Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Practicing!

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