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Recording is nearly complete for the Virtual Recital.  If you haven’t recorded yet, please make time for it this week.  Work on the CD is progressing and thanks to Randy, there will be some fun surprises included. It has been interesting to hear who is prepared and who is not quite as prepared.  I hope everyone enjoyed doing this, because I sure did.  You’ve never heard the music of the Beatles like this before!

Schedule for the summer:  I plan to teach all summer for those students who wish to continue through the summer.  However, there will be no lessons: July 17-31 and August 18-29.  Of course, I understand that most students will be taking some weeks off for vacation.  Please email me your schedule if you know it.  I plan to be flexible, and I trust that students will be, also.  If you would like a time other than your usual afterschool slot, please let me know.  Also, as soon as you know your preferred time for fall, get your dibs in!

Plan ahead for fall:  This coming piano year (beginning in the fall)  I will be encouraging students who are at early intermediate level and up to participate in various festivals and recitals sponsored by the Hudson-Catskill Music Teachers Association, of which I am currently secretary.  The HCMTA is the local chapter of the Music Teachers National Association.  Also, students who so wish will be prepared to play at the spring NYSSMA festival.  Some of the events are adjudicated and others are community service recitals.  I would like to see a broad participation by my students, who, I feel, will benefit from additional performance opportunities.  Look for more information concerning this in September.  These opportunities are in addition to any studio recitals/events I schedule.

Have a safe and happy summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone at lessons this summer or in the fall.

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Student of the Year 2011

Congratulations!  The Student of the Year 2011 is Melvine Gomilla.  Melvine is a marvelous performer and is becoming an accomplished pianist. A fifth grade student at Cornwall Middle School, Melvine recently did an outstanding job accompanying the fifth and sixth grade chorus at their spring concert.  Melvine is not afraid of work.  He is willing to do whatever it takes to learn new skills.  His musicianship is outstanding for a young child, and his self motivation is responsible for much of his success.  I appreciate every minute of lesson time with Melvine–I wish I could work with him every day.  For his giant leap upward in his pianistic skills this year, I am happy and honored to present Melvine with the Student of the Year award for 2011.  (He receives a nice book bag along with our congratulations.)

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Virtual Recital News

What fun it has been to prepare for the spring recital this year.  As you know, this year I’ve planned a Virtual Recital.  Students have been working on an all Beatles program, and this week is the beginning of the marathon recording session.  Here’s the plan, in case you have forgotten:  Each student will record his or her tune on a piano here in my studio, and when all tunes are recorded and edited, I will burn each student a CD with everyone’s tune on it.  Instant recital! This is a good news/ bad news proposition.  The good news is we don’t have to find a date for recital that fits into everyone’s schedule, and the bad news is that parents don’t get to sit through a couple of dozen pieces waiting for their child to perform.  Wait.  The good news is that the end product is easily shared with grandparents who live across the country and can’t attend the recital.  The bad news is that the students’ mistakes are permanently part of the production.  The good news is that a few years from now, you can listen to the CD and hear the progress your child has made. Randy reminds me that there is more bad news.  No Randy’s Special Cookies for this recital.

Virtual Recital recording begins Wednesday afternoon, June 15th.  I would like to record everyone by July 1 if at all possible.  Most students are ready to record now.  CDs will be ready about two weeks after I finish recording.

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