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Lessons Resume March 21

I am happy to report that I am back from the West, where as you know, I attended my father’s funeral.  Thank you for your kind words of condolence and support during the past difficult months.  I am happy that spring has arrived (on paper, at least) and we can look forward to a new season.  As you come for lessons, listen for the spring peepers–they made their return on March 11th in our wetland.

Lessons resume and will continue as usual tomorrow, March 21.  I’m looking forward to hearing some nice tunes this week.


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Please note schedule change.

Due to a family emergency, there will be no lessons March 14-18, inclusive.  Lessons will resume March 21st. 

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Virtual Recital

Yesterday I saw and heard my first Red Winged Blackbird of the year.  They have returned to the wetland.  Spring is coming!  Next come the spring peepers..

With spring’s arrival comes recital preparation.  This year we are going to do another “virtual recital”.  Here’s how it goes:  each student prepares a recital piece to be recorded.  All of the students receive a CD of everyone’s performance.  Because these are recorded, I encourage each student to do his/her very best preparation.  The recording will be done over weeks in May and June, with exact time to be decided closer to the date.  Recital pieces will be chosen this month and in April.

In addition to the virtual recital, I encourage each student to play in a family recital.  More on that later.

A few students are preparing pieces and scales for NYSSMA.  March is the time to choose pieces and do the ground work for spring performances.  

This month every student will be doing metronome work at lessons.  If your student does not own a metronome, please let me know. 

I expect lessons to continue on an uninterrupted schedule  in March. 

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