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November Notes

November has arrived already–when did Fall begin?  I hope you are all enjoying the crisp morning air and lack of air conditioning.  It’s been a busy Fall around here, as you all know.  I have returned from out West, where a family obligation took me in October, and I am happy to be back on the teacher’s stool once again. 

A downside of any interruption in lessons is the tendency for students to slack off on their practicing.  Anytime that lessons are more than one week apart, there is a noticable blip in progression.  Sometimes it’s a small blip, and sometimes it’s more serious.  The degree of seriousness depends on one factor–the student’s practice during time away from formal lessons. 

Schedule Notes:  Lessons will be given following the usual schedule this month, with the exception of three days:  Nov. 11th, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, and the following day, Nov. 26th.  There will be no lessons Nov. 11, 25, or 26th.

The Annual Christmas Recital will be held on December 20, 2010 at the usual venue, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in New Windsor.  Mark your calendars!!

All students should be working in the Blast Off! with Music Theory series now.  I hope to have every student complete books 1-5 during their time with me.  Thank you for promptly ordering the books.

 A few of you have mentioned that you have trouble ordering books from  Almost all sites now request that you register with them.  I assure you that registering with them is safe and that their site is safe.  If you register, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all at checkout. 

 Alternately, you can have a local music store order the music for you.

Welcome Gabriella Norton, a new student this month.  I hope you enjoy your lessons. 

Please don’t hesitate to call anytime if you have any questions at all.


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