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September Notes

Though we lament the waning of summer, the coming fall piano season offers a fine opportunity for us to reflect on the arts and the roll music plays in our lives.  Recently a friend asked me for a list of interesting music to listen to, and I will direct her (and you) to the list in a previous post. Music calms us.  As your students transition into their fall school schedules, I  suggest  you make listening to soothing classical music a routine each evening as you prepare to transition into sleep.  My own children (now adults) have often mentioned good memories of listening to music as they ended each day.

This fall I have been challenged in setting a new piano schedule.  I appreciate all who have been patient and flexible in scheduling.  I hope to have the schedule set by the September 7th.  If you have not reserved a space yet, please refer to the schedule link on this site.  I will try to update it each time a change is made. 

FYI students who took lessons in July and August:  the invoices for summer lessons will be going out this weekend.



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