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Happy 2010

Greetings to everyone!  We find ourselves in 2010 and ready to work, right?  I hope all who read this enjoyed a lovely holiday. When my kids were visiting I had three men handy to move the grand, so you will notice a change in the configuration at the studio.  I told Randy that I need my piano rotated every 6 years or 8,000 hours of playing.   I am anxious to get started in the new year, and I plan to hit the ground running on Monday.  Here’s a preview:

 MTNA Achievement Program:  I assume that everyone will participate this year, and this week we will talk about those goals again and see where we are. 

Theory and Technique:  The beginning of each lesson will be devoted to a short theory lesson, followed by technical work.  Thank you for being prompt for lessons so we have time for all that I have planned for each student.

Recital, recital, recital:  The first recital of this year will be held on Feb. 22nd, a Monday.  What?  A Monday, you say?  Yes.  We’ll start at 7 and be out by 8, I promise.  Same place as usual, the LDS Chapel on Mt. Airy Road in New Windsor.  Directions to come later.

Happy Music Making!



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