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December Notes

Greetings to Alll!

Today’s snow jolted many of us to the reality that winter is nearly upon us.  I hope your holiday plans, whatever they are, are going well. 

A few updates:

Lessons will end for 2009 on December 17th. No lessons will be given between the December 18 and January 4th, when they resume

By now you will all have noticed that invoices are once again being sent via email.  If you haven’t received your November invoice, please notify me at your next lesson.  Now is a good time to verify email addresses, so please be prepared to do that at the next lesson.  Thanks!

As a general rule, school snow days are also piano snow days.  When there is enough snow to call school off, I usually have a giant berm of cement-like snow blockading my driveway.  If snow days are called because of ice, the driveway is hazardous.  Often childcare is an issue for working parents who have to make other arrangements for the day, and piano is a complication to that.  If a snow day is called and you want to come to lessons regardless of the conditions, then go for it–just let me know your intentions, please.

Beginning January 4 we will be concentrating on two things, the MTNA Achievement Goals, and preparing for our February recital.  I look forward to that very much.

The student of the month for December is Jordan Fox.  Great work, Jordan!

Have a wonderful Holiday season~  


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