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A little lighthouse story.

PICT0021med.jpgPICT0011med.jpg  On Columbus Day weekend, my husband and I took a four mile round trip hike along this very soft, sandy beach to reach this lighthouse at the tip of Cape Cod–Race Point Lighthouse.  The walk was long and hard and sometimes I wondered if we’d ever reach the light, which one doesn’t see until the last few hundred yards of the walk.  We passed fishermen on the way, and these people thought we were crazy.  One offered me a ride–a shortcut to the light.  I declined. Randy was ahead of me at the time, by about a quarter of a mile.    Randy kept walking the long, straight beach to the lighthouse, and I had an idea.  If the fisherman offered to give me a ride to the light, there must be a shorter way to our goal.  Randy had already passed the trail that led off to the light ,but when I got to it, I took it, and beat him to the lighthouse.  We both had a great payoff–we are lighthouse people, and this one means a lot to us.  It’s located near the site of the original landing of the Mayflower.

Perseverance is all it takes–

I hope everyone enjoyed the time off when I was sick.  Lessons are on again, full time.  We’ll be starting holiday music very soon, so please do an inventory now of what music you have, and bring it to your next lesson.

The MTNA Achievement Award sheets are being handed out at lessons this week.  I hope everyone enjoys the program again this year.  Let me know as soon as possible if you want to participate.  Try it–you’ll like it.

The Student of the Month is on vacation this month.  What???? 

There will be lessons on Wednesday, November 25, the day before Thanksgiving, since we missed two Wednesdays earlier in the month.  No lessons will be held on Thanksgiving or the day after.  I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. 

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