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October’s News and Views

It’s nearly the end of October, and everyone is settling into a good routine of practice for the fall.  I’m pleased with the progress everyone is showing.  I especially appreciate the parents who take the time to be involved in their child’s musical life.  This skill they are learning is one that will follow them throughout their lives, and what one gets out of lessons is directly related to what one puts in–so don’t be discouraged, all that practice will pay off in the future if not in the present.

One student who not only listens at lessons but also applies what she hears is Jordan Thompson.  For this, Jordan is the Student of the Month for October.  Jordan has “crossed over” from elementary student into a fine budding musician.  She’s mastering one of the most difficult technical elements that all students face as they progress–learning to have independence of right and left hands.  By developing this skill, she has learned to make her melodies sing–Great job, Jordan!  Keep up the good work.  Piano playing is fun, isn’t it?  For being the Student of the Month, Jordan receives a book of the works of Beethoven. 

The MTNA Music Achievement Program will begin November 10th this year.  Look for goal sheets and informational materials at lessons during the first week in November. 

After conferring with several parents I have decided to have recital in February this year instead of November or December.  Several new students joined our ranks this year, and they are not going to be ready for a November recital.  I might do another “virtual” recital in December of this year, and record the students during the second week of December.  All pieces will be memorized.  Christmas materials will be assigned the first week in November, along with the ubiquitous Over the River and Through the Woods.

Memorization is a skill that comes easily to children, and to adults if it is done often and methodically.  Each student should always be working on at least one piece of memory work each week.  These will be tracked as we begin the Music Achievement Program next month.

The schedule will be normal through November, with Thanksgiving exceptions. I do not plan to take Election Day or Veteran’s Day off.   There will be no lessons Nov. 25-29.  Lessons will resume on Monday the 30th. Please note that Nov. 25 is Wednesday, and I will not be teaching that day.   If you will not be attending lessons on either Election Day or Veteran’s Day, please contact me beforehand.  Thanks!

Thank you all for being mindful of the health of others and staying home when you are ill.  So far, so good–knock on wood. 



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