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The End of Summer.


I hope you are all enjoying the last weeks of summer vacation.  Many students took the summer off–and gave me a little break, too.  I am finished with my summer travel (I hope) and look forward to a productive piano month in which I catch up on my own skills. 

Some students have used part, if not all of the summer, to leap forward in their music studies.  Congratulations to Jordan Fox, who is one of those students.  She has shown remarkable promise and diligence in her practice and is the Student of the Month for August.

I would like to welcome incoming fall students Elizabeth Allegro, Elizabeth O’Hara, and Bryant Van Orden.  Welcome to our music family!

The fall schedule is now posted on this site under the link schedule, except for a few new students whom I have not yet spoken to.  Thank you for your help in setting the schedule early.  It helps immensely with the planning.

The fall schedule will begin Sept. 2nd, the first day of school. 

The next recital will tenatively be held in November.  We have a lot of work to do before then.  I look forward to a wonderful piano year.

Back this fall:  The Piano Calendar.  We will be keeping track of time practiced again this year.  I will require parent signatures each week.  Yes, I know when you have been practicing without seeing a calendar, but I would like you to keep track for yourself.  Also, I would like everyone to please bring a 3 ring binder for their calendars and extra sheets. 

If you have any questions, please ask them here (comment below) or call me anytime. 

Have a great end of summer. 


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