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Looking Toward Fall

I am in the early process of setting the fall schedule.  This year I am going to attempt to lure a few students into early morning lessons.  This worked very well for many students in Idaho–in fact, I taught 3 lessons each morning before school each day.  Because there are greater travel distances here, I don’t expect to have a run on the open slots, but please consider if this will work well for your family.  Many students are happy to have their lessons before school, to free up time for other activities like homework after school.  If you live within striking distance of my studio, please consider this option.  I will offer lessons beginning at 6 a.m. for you early risers, and then continuing on each half hour. 

The published schedule will be changing soon, so if you know what time you want for the fall, please let me know ASAP.  So far, the 4 p.m. Tuesday slot has been filled.  All others are open for discussion. 


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Summer at the Piano

It’s summertime once again–how did that sneak up on us?  With school ending so late in June, the 4th of July arrived very quickly this year.  I hope you are all having a great beginning of vacation.

I generally follow the same schedule year-round, so plan to come to your lessons at the regular time.  If you want to come earlier in the day, please call me ASAP and I’ll try to accommodate you if at all possible.  A few of you may have casually mentioned a change, so if you have made that certain in your mind, please call me and let me know what you’d like.  Thank you.

VACATIONS:  I will be out of the studio from July 13-16th.  There will be no lessons during those days.  Please let me know when you schedule your time off this summer, too.

Student of the Month:  It seems that I missed the Student of the Month last month.  Woops!  Congratulations to Cheyenne Broomfield.  Cheyenne earned this by showing improvement in many areas.  He also played his Beethoven piece flawlessly at the May recital.  Way to go Cheyenne!  It’s getting more difficult to single out students for this award, because everyone is showing great effort. 

Check out student Melvine Gomilla’s book!  He self-publish a book using  Just search for Gomilla and you can browse through his book or buy a copy for yourself.  What a fun idea for a summer activity. 




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