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IMG_0002.JPG  Congratulations on a wonderful recital, everyone! 

IMG_0003.JPG  Mackenzie went the extra mile to play with a cast on her wrist.  I hope you get well soon, Mackenzie.

Thank you one and all for preparing well and performing well.  Didn’t we have fun? 

The following students earned MTNA pins for 2008-2009:  Tiffanie Descadres, Corinne Tousley, Cheyenne Broomfield, Chaundre Broomfield (also named Student of the Year), Sarah Hendricks, Allie Hendricks, Melvine Gomilla, Nailah Cooper, Alberto Gilman, Veronica Gilman, Chris Hendricks, Mason Hendricks, Lauren Dros, Brianna Mathelier, Jordan Thompson, Kyle Thompson, and Mackenzie Thompson.  Congratulations!

Schedule Note:  There will be no lessons on Monday, May 25th, which is Memorial Day.

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Lots of Recital News.

Jordan09.jpg   The Spring Recital will be held Friday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m.  Most of you are familiar with the venue–the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Mt. Airy Road in New Windsor.  Directions from west of New Windsor:  Take 94 to the intersection of 94 and Mt. Airy Road.  There is a light.  Turn left (north) and drive to the T.  Take a left at the T, still onto Mt. Airy Road.  Cross the reservoir, and the church is on your right about a quarter of a mile beyond the reservoir.  I will hand out directions at lessons next week if you remind me that you need them.  I will appreciate an on-time start, because there is much to do at this recital, including handing out MTNA awards.  Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

The Spring Recital for Adult Students was held on May 2nd.  We had a wonderful soiree.  We enjoyed music by J.S. Bach, W. A Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven, Diabelli, and Lennon/McCartney.  Congratulations and thank you to all who played–you did a marvelous job.  This was an informal evening of piano playing and socializing with other adult students–comparing battle wounds and successes.  I hope to do this more often.

Congratulations to Chris, Mason, Sarah and Allie Hendricks on the addition to their family–a little sister named Claire. 

Welcome new student Jordan Fox.  I look forward to our time together.  Jordan is a fourth-grade student at Little Britain. 

The Student of the Month for April is Randy Raichart.  It’s hard to be first at recital–especially when it’s your first time playing in public.  Thanks for the support you’ve given me and my students through the years.  Best Randy quote:  “If God wanted me to play the piano, he should have given me 88 fingers.” 


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