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Adult Recital Time

Letchworth framed.jpg   Soon it will all be water under the bridge.  Or over the waterfall.  Whatever—The Adult Recital is this coming Saturday, May 2nd, at 7 p.m. at my home.  There will be four students playing.  Spouses are invited and encouraged to come and cheer on their husband or wife.  No jeering, hissing, heckling, tittering, or snickering allowed, but expect lots of laughter and a good time.  I’ll be serving light refreshments afterward. 

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April Notes

The Student of the Month for April is Tiffanie Descadres.  Tiffanie is my youngest student.  She’s working very hard, and is learning the value of methodical practice, though she is so young.  I look forward to hearing her play at May’s recital.

The MTNA Music Achievement Program is nearing completion.  The original deadline for completion of all goals was April 1st, but I have extended the deadline until May 1st.  All students who attempted to earn it are currently on track to receive the award.  I have been amazed at some of the work that has been done.  Melvine Gomilla wrote a report on Beethoven that was incredible–ask to see it at your next lesson, and you might learn something like I did.  I look forward to handing out these awards, and congratulate everyone on their hard work.

Welcome to new student Jordan Fox, who begins lessons on April 8th.

Congratulations to Emily Dianis who was accepted to SUNY Plattsburg.  I’ll miss you each Monday evening!  Best of luck to you in your collegiate goals.

The recital is tenatively set for May 15th.  I will try to finalize it this week and will let everyone know the exact date this week, if possible.

There will be no lessons during spring break, April 9-19.  Enjoy your vacation!!


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