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March Coming In.

Hello troops!

If you haven’t watched the youtube video link above, please watch it when you finish reading this update.  Just think of the opportunities that arise out of piano lessons–and good carpentry skills.

The student of the month for March is Mackenzie Thompson.  Mackenzie is often the last student of the week for me, and what a joy she is.  Hopefully you’ll all get to hear her play Leap Frog some day.  It’s simply amazing.  Congratulations, Mackenzie.  Very appropriate for welcoming the spring peepers.  Soon they will be out!

The schedule will remain the same for the month of March.  If your school has a snow day this month, please call and let me know as early as possible in the day whether you are coming to lessons or not.  Thanks.

Later in the month we will begin working on recital pieces.  Now is a perfect time to do a progress check with your student on the MTNA Music Achievement.  Please let me know if you are having a hard time finding resources for reports or books to read.  Your local school library is a great source, and the internet can be a big help, too.

Have a wonderful March.   


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