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Over the River and Through the Mad Lib.

The MTNA Music Achievement Program is in full swing.  I commend all of the students who are participating, and so far it looks like everyone is on board, though I haven’t received papers from some of you.  Please bring these to lessons ASAP.  If you want to come up with goals of your own in lieu of, or in addition to those listed on your individual sheet, go for it. 

The Student of the Month in November, for October’s work, is Brianna Mathelier.  Brianna is working hard on her goals, one of which is to practice 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.  The consistency in her practice is paying off, and she’s noticing that her tunes are easier and easier to play.  Way to go, Brianna!

It’s November.  Over the River and Through the Woods time.  Enjoy it.

We’ll be starting Christmas music next week.  Please bring whatever Christmas materials you have to lessons this week and next, so that we can evaluate any needs.

Most of you are working on a memory song in addition to the regular lesson work.  Please take these tunes seriously–playing by memory allows one to concentrate on making music musical.  I will expect all recital pieces to be memorized. 

Schedule notes:  Lessons will continue as usual until Thanksgiving,  There will be no lessons on November 27th and 28th, Thanksgiving and the following day.

Last week at lessons, Veronica Gilman gave me this little Mad Lib she did.  I thought I’d share it:

mad_libs.jpg   Just click it to enlarge it.  Thanks, Veronica.

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