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September News

The new school term has begun, and with it, a more structured lifestyle.  In reference to structure, please take the link on the right marked schedule. I will assume you will be here at the appointed time beginning next Monday, unless I hear from you between now and then.  Some of you have taken lessons throughout the summer, and are returning to your old time slots.  Please take a moment after reading this to peruse the schedule and make sure we are in agreement on lesson time.

Speaking of schedules, there will be no lessons September 14 -22.  Lessons will resume September 23rd.  Most students will miss one week of lessons, and Monday students will miss two weeks.

Beginning October 1st, students will be given the opportunity to participate in a new Achievement Award program, designed partially by the Music Teachers National Association, of which I am a member.  This program’s purpose is to help encourage students to continue their music study and enhance their love and appreciation of music.  Students will earn a special MTNA pin upon completion of the program.  The program has three main sections:  Participation, Exploration, and Observation.  Within each section, certain goals will be listed, tailored to individual student’s skill level.  Examples of Participation goals for an intermediate students are: 

Examples of Exploration goals:

Examples of Observation goals:

There will be a minimal cost to this program, to cover the cost of pins.  A sheet explaining the individual student’s goals will be given out at lessons, after each student who wants to participate returns a contract sheet stating his or her desire to participate.  Forms will be distributed during the last week in September. I hope many students give this a try.  I promise to set realistic goals so that all may attain their pins.  At the conclusion of the program, we’ll have a recital where the pins will be awarded.

A word of business:  Please read the business link on the right, also, to remind yourselves of the business policies of this studio.  I was lenient about attendance notification this summer, and this leniency will end (yikes!) September 8th.  Please call or email if you will not be at lessons, or take your chances–I will assess a $10.00 missed lesson fee. 

Thank you all for trusting your musical education to me.  Play on!

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