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The Dawg Days of Summer

Greetings fellow musicians,

While many of you are on hiatus from piano lessons this summer, there are those who are taking advantage of the longer days and making music.  I salute you. 

Welcome new students Lauren Dros and Tiffanie Descardes.  Lauren is in the same class as two of my other students.  She wears the coolest glasses…welcome Lauren.  Tiffanie is one of the most enthusiastic little girls I know.  She’s a little afraid of Mia, though.  Don’t worry, Tiffanie–Mia likes to listen to you play the piano.  Remind me, and I’ll put Mia upstairs while you play if you’d like.

Some items to consider as we close out the summer this month:  Consider putting more classical music on your listening list.  While at physical therapy last month, my therapist, who is 33, mentioned how he heard this great piece of music, and through much research, discovered it was Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.  He proudly bought a CD of it, and listens to it often.  If any of you are wondering what of the discography might interest you, speak to me.  I have many recommendations.  Listening to classical music helps us to order our minds and soothes our spirits.

On a personal note, if any of you get out Seattle way this month, check out the Seattle Opera.  My son Patrick is in the orchestra.  They are doing Aida.

New for fall:  Every student will be working on memorization every week.  The new achievement program will include memorization goals.  As we begin lessons in the fall, I will post more information on the program.  If you are taking the summer off, may I suggest you memorize a favorite old tune to play for me when you return in the fall? 

The Student of the Month award will return in October, for September work. 

On July 7-9 I attended a Wellness seminar sponsored by the Music Teacher’s National Association, and the Canadian Music Teacher’s Association.  I came away renewed in spirit and very excited about making music with you all.  The meeting was held in the Yamaha Artist’s space in midtown, and about fifty of us from all over the US and Canada attended.  One issue that was discussed at length was performance anxiety, its causes and treatments.  After the seminar, I spoke with my adult students about the possiblity of their participation in a recital, and to my surprise, all agreed to play.  This fall/winter we will have three recitals–one, an adult student recital, and the other two will be student recitals.  I am splitting the group this year.  

The schedule on the website is not entirely correct, but with summer’s flexibility, I’m leaving it as it is until September.  These reflect the time your student came in the last school year.  If you request a change, please make as soon as you can. 

Thank you all for sharing your talents with me each week. 

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