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Summer’s On

Summer schedule has begun.  If you need a change in schedule, please let me know as soon as possible.  The posted schedule is the schedule during the school year. Since few weeks in summer follow a set schedule, I won’t post a summer schedule.  If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you will be staying on the regular school year schedule.  A few of you have requested morning lessons, and I can accommodate those.  Also, if you are going to miss lessons, please give me a call or email.  I hope you all get to enjoy a little vacation time this summer.   Thanks!

Speaking of schedule changes:  There will be no lessons July 3rd, and no lessons July 7, 8. and 9th.  I am attending a National Music Teachers seminar in NYC on those days

I hope you all enjoy your July 4th holiday. 

Coming in the Fall:  A new achievement recognition program, affiliated with the MTNA.  This program will be tailored to each individual student’s abilities and aptitudes.  I’m working on the requirements now, and it should be ready to implement Sept. 15th.   

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The spring recital has been cancelled because of scheduling conflicts.  This is a good time to schedule a private recital in each of your homes.  Be brave!  Play for the neighbors!

Next year we will plan two recitals, one during the holidays and yes, the Virtual Recital will return. 

The summer schedule will begin June 30.  If you want a change of time, please let me know as soon as possible. 


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June Notes

Happy June!  Thank you all for being understanding when I was gone in May.  I had a lovely time in Los Angeles visiting our son and his wife and new baby, Gavin.  Nicholas graduated from Pepperdine Law School and also received a Masters in Dispute Resolution on the same day, May 16th.  It was quite the trip–with lots of reasons to be proud. 

Now we are back into music study, and I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and extended daylight.  It seems to take a little extra discipline to get that practice hour in, doesn’t it?  I try to go by this adage:  The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.  In that spirit, let’s all try to get a little more time in at the piano in June than we did in May.  (I won’t have to go far to meet that goal, myself.)

A few housekeeping items:  Invoices will now be given out at the first lesson of the month or in some cases, mailed, instead of emailed.  Thank you all for paying promptly.  I appreciate it.

Recital news:  tenatively set for June 21st is the Spring Recital.  More on this to come soon.  It will be an early morning recital.

Student of the Month for June is Cheyenne Broomfield.  Congratulations, Cheyenne.  He’ll be receiving two sand timers for his efforts. 

The summer schedule will remain the same unless I hear from you. If you would like to have a morning lesson, let me know, and I can make some schedule changes.  There will be no lessons July 7-9.  I will be at a Music Teachers National Association wellness conference in the City on those days. 

Have a wonderful June.



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