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May Notes

sIMG_0001.JPG    Congratulations to all of you adults who are learning to play the piano after many years of thinking about taking it up.  Adult learners have challenges unique to their situations–including no Mama around to see that practicing gets done–and often these challenges prove the mettle of the individual.  I am amazed at the tenacity shown by the adult students, and I’m very pleased with their progress.  One of the adult students is the Student of the Month for April, specifically for the resolution he has shown in his studies, overcoming great obstacles to reach a comfortable relationship with the piano.  Congratulations, Michael Schiavone.  (Sorry, Randy, better luck next month!)

I hope everyone enjoyed the week’s break during Spring Break from school and piano.  We have another week of vacation coming up next week.  There will be no lessons from May 12-20th.  This will be the last break from lessons for the school year. 

Practice reminder:

Try scheduling piano practice in the morning, if you aren’t already doing that.  With the longer, warmer days and athletic practices, the afternoon can easily see time slip away.  If you are used to practicing early, it gets done almost effortlessly. 

Have a great May!

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