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January Notes

What a great start we eventually had in the New Year.  I’m pleased overall with the way everyone is working now that we are in the dregs of winter, so to speak.  I’m seeing some real improvement in practice habits of some of the students, and I congratulate them and their parents on their diligence.  A few of you have seen me use a minute timer (Sands through the Hourglass model) with your student.  These little items can be real gems as practice aids.  Some have inquired where to buy them.  They can be found at Ariel’s Child on Route 94 in Vails Gate, east of Five Corners about a mile. 

I will be doing evaluations during the coming week, and reports will come out in February.  I will be making hard copies of these and they’ll go home in envelopes. 

The next recital will be in the spring.  We will have 3 performance classes in March, and your students will be notified which one they should attend.  If your student is older and wants to participate in NYSSMA this year, please have him or her notify me as soon as possible.

The Student of the Month will return February 1st. 

There is a change in my business policy that affects several families. Please go to the business policy page on this website to access that.  Two main items:  discounts for mulitple family members (effective March 1st billing) and missed lessons without notification. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust in your musical education. 


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I’m back…

Thank you for your expressions of concern upon the illness of my daughter Audrey.  She is recovering at home now.  I have returned from Portland, Oregon and anticipate lessons to continue as scheduled beginning tomorrow, January 7th.  I will be sending out December invoices in the next day or so–sorry about the delay.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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