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September Notes

The summer is almost over–I noticed that some of the trees on Bull Road are actually in the early stages of turning.  The shortening days and imminent school openings are sure signs of fall.  I hope everyone enjoyed their summers.

 Schedule now online.  Those of you who have looked at the website in the last month have probably noticed a few subtle changes.  The biggest change is the ability for you to see the schedule online.  This should be a big help to everyone.  If you need to make a change in your lesson time, you can see what is available.  Folks are pretty good about switching times if the need arises, so don’t hesitate to ask for a change even if it is taken.  Almost always, something can be worked out.  It might surprise you to know how many people forget what time their lesson is from week to week.  Right now the schedule is in the post prior to this one, so just scroll down to find it.  It will soon be listed as a Link on the sidebar.

The Students of the Month (yes, plural) for August are Alberto and Veronica Gilman.  What great strides they’ve made this month.  It was impossible to choose between–they both showed great discipline, so they are both Students of the Month.  Congratulations.

Music List now online.  Another new feature this month should help everyone out when it comes time to purchase new music.  For those of you familiar with, (look for the link on this page) you can now see and order music from my studio music list on their site.  When you click on the pianoatpepper link, it takes you to their home page.  On the menu bar below the title, there is a choice called music lists.  You will be given the choice of create/edit list or shop from a list.  Take that option. When you are asked for the name of the list, type dolcemolto.  You don’t need to furnish a password;  I did not password protect the list.  The dolcemolto list should come up.  Browse that list and you should be able to find whatever book your student needs. You can order it from the list. 

During the month of October the students will be preparing for the first “remote recital“.  They will each prepare a piece to play (as perfectly as possible!) and I will record it.  Once everyone has recorded their piece, I will burn a CD with everyone’s piece on it.  More information to come in a few weeks on that..

The Hudson Valley MTA is sponsoring Auditions in November.  If you are interested in participating or want to know more about it, let me know.  I will be posting on the subject in September.

The Fall Schedule as posted will begin Sept. 10th.  There will be no lessons from Sept. 1-Sept 9th.  Enjoy the chaos that is the first week of school.  I look forward to seeing everyone again.



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Fall Calendar

Click here to view the schedule.  As you notice, several names are missing as of this date.  If you notice any mistakes in the schedule, or if you want to make a change, please call me as soon as possible.  I realize that this schedule will probably change as we get into the school year.  I expect that all of the open spots will be taken, so grab your time when you can!

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Watch this spot for a schedule link.

I am in the process of setting the fall schedule.  I hope to be finished with it by August 30th, so if you haven’t yet spoken to me about your time slot, please let me know your preference as soon as possible.  In the next few days I will be adding my schedule calendar to this website, with the remaining spots marked OPEN.  If you absolutely cannot work one of those spots into your calendar, I will try to accommodate whatever works for you.  I hope all of you are enjoying your last vacation days of the summer season.  Almost time to get back to piano work, guys! 

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Dog Days of August

They’ve arrived, the dog days of August.  All of the students have seen the signs:  lots of wasps hovering around my entryway, my cat lounging on the cool floor.  I hope you are all enjoying the hot weather, or at least finding some way to keep cool, especially those of you who don’t care for hot weather. 

Hurrah for those students who are using part of their summertime for piano practice.  The Student of the Month for August (actually for July’s work) is Mason Hendricks.  Mason gets this award for self-discipline.  Mason learned the benefit of slow practice, something I hope everyone takes to heart.  He’s a transfer student from the Seattle area, and in addition to adjusting to new school, new friends, and new area, he’s had to adjust to a new piano teacher who insists that he practice slowly!  Congratulations, Mason, and keep up the good work.  His sister was the recipient last month.  Do I sense a trend?

Scheduling note:  There will be no lessons from August 12-August 18. 

As soon as you know your fall schedule well enough to want to lock in a time for piano lessons, please give me a call, or email me your preference.  I hope to be able to accommodate everyone at a time that is convenient for all.  As in the past, I will be teaching Monday-Thursday.  I expect a very full schedule, so the sooner you grab your time, the better.


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