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You never know.

I just got word that two former students of mine got married to each other last week.  Neither knew the other when they studied piano with me.  Last week I received a photo of another ex-student’s newborn twin girls.  It’s fun to follow students (these were young grade school kids when they took lessons) and see what their destinations become.  Looking over some old paperwork, I came upon a list of students from years past.  I only recognized about half of the names, but some of those students made quite an impression on me (and apparently on each other). 

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July Notes and Snowladies

IMG_0002.JPG   Remember those cold, snowy days?  When the weather gets hot and humid, I remind myself that a Nor’Easter is just around the corner, and it usually cools me off.  (This is a trick photo.  This snow lady was built on the patio table; she’s not really five feet high.)

Welcome to July, the Dog Days.  A few of you are off to more exotic points overseas, while most of us are enjoying the beauty of the Hudson Valley.  Most students are taking advantage of the extended daylight hours and practicing this summer.  Good for you! I’d like to welcome new students Brianna Mathelier and Danny Shanker.  I hope you both enjoy your piano studies. 

While reading the cover letter to the invoices, I read that I will do weekly updates to this newsletter.  Woops!  I will try to do better, and offer a few pointers weekly to help everyone with their piano work, starting with today’s tip:

Today’s tip for parents:  Try listening to classical music at home as much as possible.  The soothing sounds of Bach and Mozart can go a long way to calm a hectic lifestyle.  Listen to classical music radio stations whenever you can as you travel with your children.  My own children, who are now grown adults, have often commented on how much they appreciated listening to the classics, especially at bedtime.  Why not start a new tradition–bedtime stories and soft music?   

I do not anticipate a change in my schedule until the week of August 12th.  I will be off from August 12-19, when I have family coming in from Malibu for the week.

The Student of the Month for July is Sarah Hendricks.  She will be receiving a classical CD for her efforts.  Sarah moved here recently from the Seattle area, and she is doing an amazing job with her piano.  Congratulations, Sarah. 

Have a fun summer! 


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