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Schedule notes February 15

Because of the weather and subsequent school cancellations, there will be no lessons today, Feb. 15.  Enjoy the snow day!  Lessons will resume on Tuesday, February 20th. 

Those who did have a lesson earlier in the week were asked to start thinking of tunes they want to include in their repertoire notebooks.  Ask your student what songs they have in mind for that.  We’ll be taking our performance class and recital pieces from their lists.  If you had snow days instead of lessons this week, you will be listing in your notebooks next week. 

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February Notes

Greetings!  With each passing month I notice some nice improvements in the students’ performances.  Listening to your student play at home, you may not notice giant leaps of accomplishments, but I hear the differences each week as your child plays for me.  (That is, if he or she is practicing like they should at home.)  Much like we don’t notice our own children’s physical growth each day, sometimes we don’t notice the subtle changes in their musical growth, until one day, there they are, playing real music for us.  Enjoy the journey.

Student of the Month:  The student of the month for February is Emily Dianis.  Emily has taken on a great project–learning some music by ear that is fairly challenging, rhythmically speaking.  She is a good sport.  Emily is a great example for the younger students to follow.  Many of you will remember her from her performance at the Holiday recital.  Congratulations, Emily.

Performance Class Coming Up:  the second performance class of this school year will be held on Saturday, March 10th at 9:30am, and at 11am.  There will be two classes, divided by age.  (I’m working on the third class–the adult class.  They aren’t as brave as the children.)  So review those Piano Explorer magazines–we’ll be doing more activities in those, and other activities, too.  More information will be forthcoming at lessons.

Welcome new students:  Kyle and Mackenzie Thompson, twin children of George and Michele Thompson.  I hope you have a great time learning to play the piano.

Recital Preparations:  This month each of you will be given a small notebook in which we will keep track of repertoire.  It is from this list that your recital pieces will be chosen.  Remember, a recital piece does not have to be a student’s most difficult or impressive achievement.  It should be a piece that the child enjoys performing, and does well.  We will also be doing a lot of review.  The repertoire list will change from month to month, year to year.  It is interesting to see how useful this listing can be.  When company or relatives visit and request a tune, you will not have to look far to find a comfortable piece to play.  the next formal recital will be in the spring, (probably towards the end of May), and the pieces played will have to be memorized.  Don’t worry–we’ll all be very well prepared. 

Schedule notes:  Lessons will continue uninterrupted in February except for February 19th, President’s Day, which I will take off. 

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