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November Notes

As you can see from the prior post to this website, October was a busy and fun month.  (By the way, in case you have not visited a blog website before, you can scroll down to read prior posts.)  The kids were a lot of fun at the Performance Class.  I appreciate the parents for making the time to bring the kids to an extra class.  It is very helpful to them to get some experience playing before others. 

During this month, everyone will be learning the same song–something that happens only once a year for me, and something that I look forward to each year.  Everyone will be playing Over the River and Through the Woods in some form or another.  So listen for it at home!

Schedule notes:  Lessons will continue uninterrupted this month with the exception of Thanksgiving.  There will be no lessons on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd. 

Piano Explorer Magazine:  Those of you parents who were here for the Performance Class had an experience doing the quiz in the back of the magazine.  Please take the opportunity to read the magazine with your child if you can.  I would also suggest saving them during the year for reference material, and who knows, maybe they can be a help in a school report or two. 

Student of the Month:  The Student of the Month is a brand new student, Alex Dunko.  Alex is off to a grand start.  He lives in New Windsor and is the son of Amy Dunko.  He has a wonderful attitude about learning.  Congratulations, Alex, and keep up the good work.

Practice Tip of the Week:  Practice difficult passages in two measure blocks, hands alone first, then together.  Move on to the next two measures only when the first two are perfected. 

Interesting fact:  For the past several years, I have had either an equal number of male/female students, or else more males than females.  This year, the scale is tipped toward the males.   (Among adult students, currently the men outnumber the women 3-1.)  This trend mirrors trends nationwide, by the way.

Coming up:  Musical gift ideas for your child.  Check out future posts for specific recommendations including software ideas to suppliment lessons.


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